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Contact Person:

Max Mustermann

Contact number:

0478 700 700

Contact number:


22, September 2023

Altered States Experience | Melbourne


Aspire Community Services

Date and time

22, September 2023

- 2:00 pm

Prana House 885 High Street #Level 1 Thornbury, VIC 3071

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0 Hours

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Paid event

20 $AUD

Altered States Experience | Melbourne

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Accessing Altered States: Guided Psychedelic Breathwork / Quantum Meditation Journey

Life Changing altered states have typically been confined to near-death experiences, ingesting psychedelic plant medicines or spontaneous satori moments.

However, we now know enough scientifically about what goes on within our brains to replicate these psychedelic states without the use of psychedelic drugs.

We want to offer you the opportunity to go beyond the mundane and experience an altered state of consciousness first hand, using your organic human technology.

The combination of guided breathing exercises, quantum meditation techniques and the lion’s mane mushroom will be used to take you deeper into yourself; to expand your mind, open your heart and reconnect with your true power.

It’s these awakening moments that have shifted the evolutionary trajectory of humanity. Now, at this crucial junction, it is time to revitalize this exploration.

The Mushroom

Lion’s mane has been used by the monks of China for thousands of years to optimize their concentration and brain power during meditation. While not psychoactive, lion’s mane has been clinically proven to super charge the brain and take this unique combination of breathwork and quantum meditation to the next level to create a truly profound experience!

Your Hosts

Master breathwork instructor Gene Kelly will offer you the brain science and chemical understanding of the processes going on within your mind.

Quantum guide Allura Halliwell will initiate you into the empowered state of the mystic where you will develop a deeper connection to your expanded self.

Together, using breath work and quantum meditation, you will be invited to open into a psychedelic inner experience.

What Are Aspire Daily Events?

Aspire organises enriching day trips and social events aimed to create a sense of community and belonging for disabled individuals and their families. With outings that include beach days, zoo visits, and more, we offer a space where you can be yourself and engage with the community.

Who Can Join?

These events are open to all NDIS participants, whether you're a client of Aspire or not. All you need is the support of a carer or support worker to accompany you, and you’re good to go!

Why Attend?

Social Integration: Our events serve as an excellent platform to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

Community Building: Feel an active part of the community while participating in fun, public events.

Skill Enhancement: Gain valuable life skills by engaging in different social settings.

Mental Wellbeing: Boost your self-esteem and lower stress through enjoyable activities.

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