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Empowering Your Transition from Hospital to Community

The Hospital to Home Discharge Program by Aspire Community Services offers comprehensive support to individuals with disabilities transitioning from hospital settings to their homes or suitable accommodations. Our dedicated team collaborates with hospitals, families, and professionals to ensure a smooth, personalized discharge process.

Our Services Include:

  • Personalized Discharge Planning:

    • Collaborative approach with healthcare professionals and families.
    • Tailored plans focusing on individual health needs and preferences.
  • Medium Term Accommodation:

    • Provision of immediate, suitable temporary housing post-discharge.
    • Focus on comfort and safety in transition to long-term solutions.
  • Long-Term Housing Solutions:

    • Assistance in finding and securing ‘forever homes’.
    • Coordination with Aspire Community Services Homes for Specialist Disability Accommodation.
  • Continuous Support and Care:

    • Development of person-centered support plans.
    • Inclusion of goals and needs in the individual’s support plan.
    • 24/7 support from trained professionals aligned with NDIS funding.

Collaboration and Expertise:

  • Professional Team Involvement:

    • Experienced disability professionals managing the transition.
    • Partnership with allied health teams for holistic care.
  • Navigating NDIS Plans:

    • Assistance with understanding and utilizing NDIS plans and funding.
    • Coordination of necessary services and supports.

Eligibility and Access:

  • Transition Care Packages (TCP):

    • Guidance on eligibility and application for TCP.
    • Integration of TCP services in the discharge plan.


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