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Behaviour Support Plan Implementation

At Aspire, we provide specialised Behaviour Support Plan Implementation aimed at understanding and addressing the root causes of challenging or unsafe behaviours in individuals with disabilities. Aspire is accredited for Module 2a, authorising us to Implement restrictive practices according to participant’s Behaviour Support Plan.

How Does Aspire Identify Behavioural Concerns?

Our methodical approach includes:

  • Reviewing Reports: We scrutinize existing records from schools, occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals.

  • Consulting with Family and Staff: We consider input from those who are closely involved with the individual, such as family members, caregivers, and their GP.

  • Direct Observation: We spend quality time interacting with the individual across different settings to gauge their responses and emotions.

What Solutions Does Aspire Offer?

The strategies we recommend are tailor-made to each individual's specific needs and may include:

  • Skills Training: Eliminating the need for certain behaviours through skill-building.
  • Communication Training: Enhancing communication capabilities to replace inappropriate behaviours.
  • Safe Response Techniques: Guiding caregivers on how to respond safely and effectively when challenging behaviours occur.
  • Environmental Modifications: Making changes to living or working spaces.

Behaviour Support Training at Aspire

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive training programs to:

  • Families and caregivers for implementing the prescribed behavioural strategies.

  • Specialized group training in areas like:

    • Sexuality and relationships
    • Social skills
    • Emotional self-regulation

Behaviour Support for All Ages

Our services are not age-restricted; we provide Behaviour Support Plan Implementation for both children and adults.


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